Not quite a B.O.F. but I’ll eventually be bringin those back. This was a red pencil sketch but I hit it with that ‘black/white’ filter in PS and it made it look waaaayyyy cooler. THX PHOTOSHAP. xoxo

BLAZING FANTASY: Chapter Posters

So a while ago, we made a comic called “Blazing Fantasy”. It took a long time, A LOT of hours, and a lot of individual talents to make it work. It took Norman Guerre (photographer/creator), Tom Guise (writer/creator), Niki (Makeup), Loretta (model) and myself to get these 10 pages out, and I can only hope we get the opportunity to make more some day.

Anyways, the story was outlined for another 10 or 12 chapters, and we had posters planned plugging each one, like Chapter breaks. Here’s the first 2.

POSTER_01_final POSTER_02_final


I really should finish the rest.


- Mr.S xoxo