I have the capacity to come up with ONE PUN PER ANNUM, AND THERE. IT. IS.

I’m sorry. It’s a really big deal for me.


Work has been absolutely insane lately, and this is the first time I remember just drawing, without purpose or conscious thought, for the longest bloody time, and this is the result. I had One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on in the bg and that movie has the best shapey heads of all time. Super fun to draw. Also, working digital like this is about the closest you can get to drawing with a ball point pen and not smudging the fuck out of everything as you go.

Also also, I’ve been listening exclusively to the Sleepcabin podcast lately. Good fucking lord dey sum funny doods.



For what feels like the first time in a year, I finished something that isn’t a ninja turtle doing something violent to a robot. But before this turns into an incredible sulk about having a job, check out this eyeball I drew:


Here’s another couple of versions. I really wish I studied traditional animation in school, but I guess I’ll just rip off Chung, and Koike and Imaishi until I get something that looks good.


– Mr.S xoxo


We got the script for #305 over a year ago now, and it still remains one of my favourite episodes, namely for the dream sequences. The script itself called for something much different when the turtles had their respective nightmares, but we got loose writers and rad directors on turtles, and I had been dying to cram a metal sequence into tmnt since i started. I was stranded in Toronto with no digital equipment, so here’s some of the boards I supplied for our episode pitch:

305_10_001 305_10_002 305_10_003 305_10_004 305_10_005 305_10_006 305_10_007

Then when it came time to actually board the thing, i couldn’t help but put it to some Slayer…

And just in case you wanted to hear a man with no voice acting talent what-so-ever, here’s my pitch for the very first Crognard sequence for 301.

After these drawings there’s about a thousand other people and hours it goes through, and then it’s a tv show. Magic.

Mr.Sheldon xoxo


So the Anarchic SpiderMan made his official debut last week, and I have to thank EVERYONE who blogged, posted, twittered, and adjectived about it. You guys and girls are the best, and I’m sure I speak for Jed (the writer) when I say we are humbled by the buzz and praise you all generated. Solidly, Cheers. Big thanks to Nick Lowe also for putting up with my slow ass.

For those of you inquiring about SpiderPunk original sales, I will plug them as soon as they’re available. Should you happen to miss out on the piece you were after, hit me up at my mail and, schedule permitting, I’d gladly rock out some commissions.

Good way to kick off 2015. I’ve missed comics in a big way. Now let’s see if I can’t finish some other things I said I would and then bailed on coffSTARBONERcoffcoffSUPERTRONcoff…

Cheers all! xoxox




Not quite a B.O.F. but I’ll eventually be bringin those back. This was a red pencil sketch but I hit it with that ‘black/white’ filter in PS and it made it look waaaayyyy cooler. THX PHOTOSHAP. xoxo