Haha, not even a month into it and already I’m neglecting this bloody thing. BUT it is not without good reason, kind reader. I have been deep inside Lady Comics last we spoke, tickling her fancies and milking panel after panel of sticky, moist sequential sex out of her.

Haha gross.


But seriously, it’s been both a productive and educational triplet of weeks.  The biggest news I guess is the fact that my debut Marvel effort DEADPOOL #32, written by the ever talented Daniel Way, edited by the benevolent Jody Leheup, and art by me, me, ME goes on sale January 26th! So please check it out and let me know exactly what you think. If you told me three years ago I’d be drawing a Deadpool Issue, I’d tell you you were a filthy fucking LIAR. But, here we are.

I’m really excited, nervous and terrified to see what the mainstream audience thinks of it, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty effin stoked with how it turned out. There’s a preview up over at CBR here, but I’ve included some better quality colour previews for your pleasure. Page 3 actually features the unedited sound effect from panel 2 that sounded too much like the male ejaculate. Jody and I had some fun discussing alternatives for that one haha.


And as an extra treat, I thought I’d share the magical process of creation behind these pages. I haven’t had to draw thumbnails for a long LONG time, but as you can see, I do the bastards digitally, because I am a digital queen and have NO BALLS.

And speaking of new content…what’s this?

“Oh Hi”, indeed! My goodness how mysterious. All will be revealed eventually, I just don’t know when. Hush now…hush. All I can say is it won’t be what you’re expecting.

In news I can talk about, the boys over at (i think their site is having a couple of issues currently) were kind enough to ask me to provide the cover to the third of their black as death comic anthology: GOTHOLOGY. Here’s what I came up with.

The creators behind DAPSHOW, and their number of anthologies are Justin King, and John…Something. I’ve known these kids long enough to call them brothers, and seeing them evolve from their humble beginnings on VOID into full fledged comic anthology editors brings me intense joy. The anthology itself in my opinion is a great success. They explore the gothic sub-culture through all lenses, from light-hearted and meaningfully-deep, to downright parody and nonsense. Which I find awesome. Because I think you’re more likely to take a topic seriously if it is the first to make fun of itself. I’m going to do my damndest to get an entry into them, and you should too. Check out this for submission details.

In other news, I recently had a VICIOUS spike in views on this blog, and it turns out none other than WARREN ELLIS plugged me on his site. I was pretty fucking humbled by this. However, Brandon Graham’s Livejournal is still my top referrer. BY A MIGHTY STRETCH. In fact, that’s how Warren, my Marvel editors, and a slew of other people have found my work. Through Brandon “Brrrrrrraaaaannnnndonnnnn” Graham’s fucking Livejournal. The guy is love, and I owe him. If you are unfamiliar with him, THEN FAMILIARIZE, BITCH!!

I realise I’ve been listening to Out in the Cold for 3 hours straight now, and these comics aren’t going to draw themselves, DAMMIT! So it’s time to say goodbye, but don’t be sad, it’s only a word. Until next time!! xoxo


  1. Harvey

    What is that gif from? I must know!

    Those Deadpool pages are amazing. This will be the first time I’ve ever even picked up a Deadpool book. Hell, it’ll be the first time I’ve bought a Marvel book in about 4 years.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Haha dude, if I knew, I’d be buying the DVD, a DVD player, and a high res projector to screen it on the side of my house. I found it on one of my raids.

      And thanks for checkin out Deadpool Harvey! I sneaked some of your not news comics. Oh boy did I laugh. You’re good, man!

  2. Dan Hale

    Just discovered your work via Brandon’s blog. Really like the loose style and the colors, trying to be looser in my work as well and you guys are really inspiring. Also gotta love the .GIF, what move is is that from?

  3. Jimmy-Dean Sausages

    Ah… Russ Meyer. That man was a CONNOISSEUR of dirty chest-pillows.

    I can’t wait to get me a copy of that Deadpool goodness. I want you to become Marvel’s star artist so you can hunt and kill Greg Land and bring actual cartooning back to the Marvelverse.

    • Dan Hale

      You know I used to actually really like Land back when he did Sojourn, the referencing was less noticeable then but now everyone looks like a traced Victoria’s Secret or Muscle and Fitness model. Cartooning is definitely on the way back, that and digital painting are taking over.

      • Jimmy-Dean Sausages

        I was willing to let the referencing slide when he was just going over photos, but the recent stuff with him actually tracing other people’s art was kind of the last straw for me.

        • Dan Hale

          Totally forgot about that. That is indeed the worst, what is the point of being an artist if all you do is copy and trace? I mean I will trace the shit out of a Sketchup car or a photo of some 18th century locomotive but when it comes to figures and layouts thats the fun part!

          • Mr.Sheldon

            Yeah, the guys an arse. I think he worked in advertising or editorial illustration before comics. It would at least give some reason to his “method” of drawing. But yeah, when you’re flipping through a comic constantly trying to guess which WWE/porn star he’s tracing, kind of takes you out of the story, and is in no way engaging. bad comics. bad.

  4. Julio

    I can’t wait for this book to come out. I always love seeing different interpretations of known characters by different artists. An example would be Deadpool max by Lapham and baker, which is a great book by the way. No doubt your deadpool book will be just as awesome.

  5. Justin

    Thanks for the shout out! Your Deadpool comic looks wicked. Marvel has been impressing me recently with the stuff they’re putting out.

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  7. Dirt

    I too have never picked up a Deadpool book but I’m anxious to hold a hot little bit of Sheldon in my grubby hands.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Hahaha oh Colin, you are my little gentleman, I will take you to foggy London town because you are, what? MY Little Gentleman….

  8. olgg

    Dude, your artwork in the Deadpool issue is just AMAZING!! Love the movement, expressions, everything!

    It’s my first contact with your work, and I must say, I’m in love. Became a fan immediately.

    keep up the awesome work!

    • Mr.Sheldon

      That is real nice of you to say, man! Thanks a lot! I’ve been nervous all week wondering what real DP fans are gonna think, and it’s really nice to know some people are digging it. Thanks again, olgg!

  9. Malicious

    Totally fkn nailed deadpool! In an artistic sense, I mean if you did “nail” him as well then thats your business and I don’t really need nor want to hear about it…

    Where was I? Oh yeah, fkn awesome art. It reads so well I didn’t bother going to the previews to read it. I’m not really an marvel fan, but I like to have a giggle at an occasional deadpool is I’m in a comic store an I think you sir, have it well sorted.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Leigh, you’re a fuckin animal. Thankyou for your praise and now I’m gonna reach round and give YOU some attention. Dude, your work is whiskey and bar fights incarnate. And I fucking think I’ve seen you at that goddamn No Vacancy gallery when it wasn’t a poncey clothes shop, sellin your stuff on market day!

      Fuck yeah, man. Just, FUCK. YEAH.

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