Breaking into Comics & Aluisio Cervelle Santos

A person, who insisted on remaining anonymous, emailed me about an interview on how to break into comics. It all seemed very mysterious and exciting, and I can never pass up an opportunity to talk about myself. I can tell now he/she doesn’t know me very well because I’m described as “…possibly the nicest man alive”. Hmmm.

Anyways, I christened the blog with my cheeky rambles and it’s up here for your reading pleasure. The blog is called Comicz Quest: A quest to find how to break into the world of comics. And I think it’s a pretty fucking good idea for a blog. If anyone out there has their own tactics and stories, hit this mystery person up and talk some shit.

I sure hope it’s a lady. I sure hope it’s ROSARIA DAWSON! Oh man that’d be EPIC.

Titties aside, I need to speak briefly about a young man who is destined to set fire to everything he touches. He is only the most energetic and fearsome  artist in brazil today, he’s my mate, and his name is Aluisio Cervelle Santos.

Zsabreuser, to you, I spotted Al through his frenetic and insanely detailed work on VOID a few years back. Since then, he has supplied numerous magazines with editorial illustrations, competed and won the July 2009 Zuda competition with his rock and roll epic ROCKSTAR, provided alternative covers for Kill Audio Volume 1, and has assisted and saved my ass from unemployment countless times.

The guy simply DOES NOT. FUCK. AROUND. Every piece he creates lifts right off the page and strikes a killing blow to the senses every time. The fact that he cites me as an influence is a joke, seeing as his stuff runs circles around mine any day. He even helped me out massively by talking me through his colouring process, which I didn’t really follow, but did end up unlocking a lot of hidden doors in my mind that helped me colour quicker, and totally ruin the deadpool issue.

If you appreciate dynamic characters, explosive composition and heavy metal incarnate, you’ll follow this guy to mars and back. Please do.


  1. Aluísio Cervelle Santos

    I share the Rosaria love haha. Pretty interesting interview too, it goes on a lot of topics most don’t normally.
    And thanks for the plug, I owe you so much it’s not even funny, haha!

    Rock hard, ride free!

  2. Dorian

    Rad interview! I dig that Runaway Train speech. It helps that I work in a shitty grocery store right now, so the bottom rung on the comics ladder still sounds pretty good.

    Side note – One of my teachers was apparently Jon Voight’s roommate back in the day. He’s also a fucking lunatic – one day he threatened us if we didn’t meet due dates: “Even if you’re dead, I’m coming for you!” Awesome.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      HAHAHAHAHA THAT IS AWESOME!!! I am so using that line.

      And never fear dude, I had a multitude of shitty fucking jobs while trying to break into comics. Almost all of them included manual labour and made me want to start cutting out of sheer boredom. That’s all payin your dues, dorza. Straight up.

  3. Comicz Quest

    You were a gentleman trough the whole ordeal, the nicest man alive indeed.
    Thank you for the plug, your time, and a wonderful interview!
    Rosario out!

  4. Jacob

    I can see the similarities between both your styles, the hard shapes (giggidy) and flat colors look awsome.

    Each of you have a uniqueness to the work, and looking at either makes me wish I could draw stuff that loud.

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