DEADPOOL #32: The creation of MACHO GOMEZ.

Hey guys! Now that the book is officially out, I figure I’d show you a bunch of the sketches and schematics I came up with for MACHO GOMEZ, and his debut (albeit only) appearance in the DEADPOOL universe.

Before I even started on the pages, Jody (editor), Daniel (writer) and I (stud) needed to nut out the look of Deadpool’s newest rival. Daniel sent me a short description of a bandito-esque alien with no ears and six fingers, and told me to go nuts with it. That I did. Daniel is a true collaborator and had a lot of good input when it came to Macho’s creation. We must have made an alright team, because we pretty much got it right the first try haha.

Macho is a hardcore bounty hunter from space, and being named as he is, I automatically thought of a Boba Fett crossed with Tuco from GoodBadUgly. In my mind, bounty hunters are scavengers in a way, running and killing and playing by their own rules, surviving anyway they can. So playing on this, I liked the idea of Macho’s arsenal to look very improvised and cobbled together, almost organic rather than a typical merc with big fuckin guns.

In the actual comic, I had a lot of opportunities to play with Macho’s costume, and give subtle hints of practicality to his seemingly random and nonsensical outfit. Stuff like the respirator/waste-recycle-unit on his back that his pipe-stache and dick sombrero feeds into, little rocket spurs on his boots, and even his alien sombrero can be pulled down around his body like a second skin poncho, which happens later in the second half of the comic.

Macho’s ride was no exception to the “home-made” rule, and by this point we had come up with a nice theme of splicing recognizable technology and weaponry with crazy crustacean looking things. And before you say it, yes, EXACTLY like Geoff Darrow. Haha.

Character creation is a lot of fun, and for me, is probably the most entertaining part of making comics. You really get to build on a characters history and personality without the use of words. If a character has an eyepatch, or a crown tattoo or a  scar on his dick, that shit is history, there’s a story behind those aesthetics. And while most of my designs look like a random selection of bullshit accessories and dicky trinkets, I’m always trying to find a purpose for those things being there, which in the end, make the character all the more “real” and easier to accept in the world they reside.


  1. Krownz

    I’m so glad you went with the “organic” feel for this character. It’s so much fun to look at. Again, great job, Sheldon. You’re lightyears ahead of the pack.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Yeah, organic all the way. It’s a lot easier to draw too. For some reason straight lines rock my confidence haha. Thanks, brother!

  2. Afonso Ferreira

    Great stuff man, just read it (I ordered it but it will take a couple a months to get here, but piratebay is awsome)

    What’s up with that badass on the fifth page? It feels unsheldon like…

    Thoose last pages were brilliant, one arm behind his back and whatnot.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Ahhh most of the text and stuff is done in house with computers and such. I would have loved to have a crack at it, but I’m just the new guy, and didn’t want to step on too many toes.

      And I don’t care how you get it, son. As long as you get to see it,. That’s what counts. Comics are made to be READ.

  3. David Macho

    Sheldon, can you please let me know your email or contact me yourself? I need to ask you something (maybe Jody has told you already, but just in case…) :)

  4. Jimmy-Dean Sausages

    Argh, I can’t wait to read this! My copy’s currently in transit to the Isle of Man, so it should arrive in the next couple of days, barring any Acts of Kraken.

    Just outta curiosity, what are you inking with nowadays?

      • kingfridayjoe

        Oh, I’m familiar with the Pigma Micron, the elusive little sluts. They’re really rare in the UK, so I wound up switching to Faber-Castell Ecco Pigments. I feel like they give slightly better line variation.

        Thanks for the link though, man. *Bookmarked*

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Damn Thanks dude! Haha, not sure if I could deal with a monthly because I like fucking around too much. I’m not getting up at 11 in the MORNING!!

  5. Brandon!

    Thats insane… It really shows your skill to see the mental break downs and what not. Looking forward to more comic raping by Mr. Sheldon!

  6. Max Perkins

    Hey, I’m a huuge Deadpool fan right here, and when I opened issue 32, the first thing I noticed was the fresh art. It’s real crisp and the colors are saturated in a good way. I think you should do more Deadpool stuff whenever you can, man. Oh, and I love how you did the panel when Deadpool slid and covered the family when Macho was firing at them…pure badassness.

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