Thanks to the friend I never knew I had, Skottie YoungSUPERTRON is now available in CBZ and PDF incarnations, gratis.  Find your preferred format here for your downloading pleasure.

Now by making these files available to you all, what I’m doing is sorta-kinda-notreally-absolutely infringing on DC’s Digital Distribution Rights on a title that cost them $30k and probably netted around fifty bucks in sales. So if the file gets taken down in the next week or so, or I stop posting completely, you know why. AMENDMENT: I totally got a smack on the head for this. The PDF and CBZ are no longer available. SORRY!

Skottie Young: Eisner Award Winner, beta-tester and international saboteur.

If you guys like this pdf/cbz thing, let me know what other comics you’d like to see get the same treatment. Also, look what THIS crazy mofo did:

Unlike all of YOU pussies, Clayton here is a REAL fan of my work.

That’s a laptop by the way. How he did that, I have no idea. Because if I DID, then THIS is what people would see me working behind on the trains and airports and pre-school car parks I frequent.

EDIT:// Ok turns out he used a site called GELASKINS. So if anyone else wanted SUPERTRON merch and skins, why don’t you head down there and do it yourself! Just be sure to send me pictures when you do! That shit is AWESOME.

DEADPOOL #32 seemed to go over pretty well with the masses, (seen here, here, here, and here) but of course, you can never please them all (can we?). But hey, if people are reading it, and talking about it, good or bad, then I am fucking ecstatic. Working with Daniel on my first MARVEL issue was nothing short of a milestone for me, and nothing can take that away. My “agent” even displayed it as his pick of the week (which is normally just a picture of his own arse) at his local shop! Although he did mention, and I quote:

"The only reason I put this here is because Sean Gordon Murphy's book sold out before I could get it on the shelf."

Thanks, Arsehole! If any of you are lucky enough to have some disposable cash, and buying original comic art is your thing, then the few remaining cool original pages of Deadpool #32, as well as the now dirt cheap Supertron pages, can be perused and bought at your leisure, here.

OH, and one last thing. Tata for now! xoxo


  1. Afonso Ferreira

    I read thoose reviews, your “anatomy problems” are refreshingly awsome compared to all the shit running around mainstream comics theese days.
    I got the new Deadpool issue, but what’s with the X-men thingy? Explain, so I can know if I should order it and wait for it for half a year.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      I think you’re referring t the uncanny x-force. from the preview pages i’ve seen, it looks pretty tight. But i just work here dude, and I barely read comicsso i’m probably not the greatest guy to ask. haha.

    • Anon

      It’s those reviewers who have lost the sense that comics are supposed to be fun to read. Super-heros have gotten so dry and grimdark, it’s like no one knows how to react when a comic comes along that reminds you you’re supposed to be having a good time, not slogging through some new world-ending-friends-are-now-enemies-iWasRaped plot cycle. And the art? It all starts to look the same after a while. Characters all have the same over-worked body types. Same face, different hair type stuff. It looks so plastic and uptight. You actually bring in a bit of expression with the characters you’re drawing, it’s a great change. I love your sense of proportion and atmosphere. The color choices you made on that kitchen scene were astounding! That’s just to say the least. I wish more super-hero comics allowed for more creative freedom, but they are few and far between. /rant

      And Deadpool’s junk is like, everywhere. It’s hilarious and awesome. Keep up the good work!

  2. Chris

    I was talking to Skottie Young over twitter about what comic I thought was funny and I recommended SUPERTRON.

    I’m glad he was serious about having it in a pdf. He wanted you to sell it, though. Did DC ever turn over the rights?

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Who knows man. Certainly not I. The way I understood the contract, was that it was active WHILE pages were owed, but i’m sure it stipulated otherwise. Either way, my beef with the move to comixology was that people were paying for shit they could have gotten for free. So charging for the pdf just doesn’t seem right to me. I’d love for people to have it, and read it and let me know what they think. And handing it out is probably the best way for that to happen.

      And cheers for the mention dude! This is one of those shining examples where the internet is a GOOD thing haha. Thank you my brother!

  3. Hunter Camp

    Dude.. I am SO EXCITED for your work on X-Men and another Deadpool title! I’m not the biggest Marvel guy, but I will buy any book with your art, so that’s something.

    And, as it seems, I will have to wait a very long time (read: Infinity) to get you to draw a Batman book, I’m going to need a Batman commission from you. How many children do I have to sell? (I don’t have any children, but I can take them from other people and sell them, right?)

    Let me know, and keep up the great work, Supertron was the shit, and I’ve got my .pdf!

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Oh Hunter, you can make a man blush you know? Thanks for your patronage, brother, it means a lot!

      And a BATMAN book???!?!? HAHAHA hell no…no way would anyone in their right mind give me a Bman book. And if they did, I’d feel a little odd taking it as…well…I just don’t get him. Granted, I was batman’s biggest fan back in the 90’s when he looked like this, but now that we need to take him and his silly costume seriously…I dunno. haha i just offended you didn’t I? But doubtless, he is fun to draw, and if it’s a commission you’re after, I may hit you up when I get some free time.

      And thank you for championing my stuff, brother. G.o.D. rules!

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