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  2. Leo

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. This is too damn wicked of a post. You hater of love. How dare you desecrate our holy holiday of overspending on flowers, and chocolates, and stuff. How dare you destroy the essence of love with that filthy-yet-enticing piece. Ha ha ha. This is good shit man. Keep up the good

    BTW;I was being sarcastic. :)

  3. Leo

    Meant to say keep up the good work. Oh and I checked out your Deadpool comic and I have to say it was cool as hell. I loved it. I hope they hire you to do more work.

  4. Krownz

    Lmao. How fitting. I JUST got back from Disneyland. This is sick, Shel. I’m setting it as my phone and PC wallpaper now.

    Actually, a print of this would be really nice. Fucking awesome work.

  5. Francisco Bustamante

    The folks at Disney would like to talk to you about their new venture into more adult oriented animation.

    I was going to use this as a valentines for my wife but didn’t want to infringe on any copyright laws or get my ass kicked for desecrating the holiday made specifically for women.

    Can’t wait to see what you do for Easter! hahahaha

  6. Dhuo

    This. is. AWESOME!!
    Seriously, who did you sell your soul to? Are you a cyborg? This is too much talent for normal people.

  7. Francisco Bustamante

    The killer hot dog and the terrified hamburger are classic you and only you!
    I’m still looking for anything I may have missed, that’s half the fun!!!

  8. Christobal

    Hey, Sheldon. I’m a big fan of your work and was curious if you have posted your HTML of this wordpress. I think it would be a great model to build off of.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Christo! This is actually an existing wordpress theme called Black Letterhead. I just tricked it out with a bunch of html widgets and what not. It’s all very transparent if you have a look at it haha. Glad you like it!

  9. joel

    Dear Sir,

    Deadpool #32 blew me away!

    Please let me know if you’ve got some more issues coming Deadpool’s way,
    (and if not, give me the correct marvel address so i can write to them – saying how excellent i thought the art was)

    cheers, joel

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Sup Joel! Glad you dug the issue, brother! I’m actually knee deep in my next issue with Daniel Way. I think it comes out late April. Deadpool #36 boss!

  10. Dhuo

    This is the first thing this picture reminded me of, but it took me a while to find it.
    Lol, Man is a shit factory. Badass

    Yours is better. A deaf man can experience punk music just by looking at your mickey’s face. And your drawings okay too. That was a penis joke. Peace.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Hahaha that image is incredible. It’s something that would hang 10 ft tall in a great underground nazi hall or something.

      Glad you dug it, brother!

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