Everybody. I hope you’re as happy to hear from me, as I am to finally be talking to you. So…where to start? Probably an apology huh? Yeah let’s start there.

You people who would mail/tweet/msg/call me only to have your correspondence ignored, PLEASE accept my apologies, and I beg your forgiveness. You know who you are, and some of you are pretty fucking important. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

We square? We cool? Of course we are.

So what’s next? Oh yeah, “…WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, SHELDONNNNN?!?!?”

I could spill a very boring novel on everything  that has happened in the last…12 months, but who wants to read that shit? Life got bad, then life got good again, it happens to us all, round and round, love will find a way just give it time. I needed all the time and concentration to take care of some shit, and living off the grid cut down on a lot of distractions. All that really needs to be said is the good shit. So let’s get some dot point’s up in this bitch!

1. I MOVED BACK TO AUS: Got fat.

2. I QUIT COMICS: Kinda…sorta…not really.

3. MET LEMMY: speechless.

4. LOST WEIGHT: I lost weight.

5. GOT ANOTHER JOB: Storyboard artist for TMNT.

6. MOVED BACK TO USA: Got drunk.

7. GOT AN APARTMENT: a couch, a tv, and a SSN, bitchezzzzzz.

8. SAW DANZIG: Needed crutches for 2 weeks.

9. SHOT GUNS: Learned what it’s like having two dicks.



11. BACK TO AUS: To say hi for christmas and get my motorhead poster.

And in a nutshell, that’s about it. I’m still sort of adjusting to the fact that my whole life got reinvented in the last 3 months, but this shit is fuckin’ wild. I’m living and working in a world now that only existed in my head when I was 8. It’s strange, it’s surreal, but I love it. I’ll still be arting/comicing/ranting whenever I can, but for now, I’m gonna eat some left over bbq and steal my dad’s car.

All my love to all my loves,

– Mr.Sheldon xoxo


      • jho

        you got that right! I’m in indo right now, managing family guesthouse(s). Don’t think I can go back as a resident unless I get myself a miracle. Good job on getting the jewb!

    • Mr.Sheldon

      haha i’m NDA, john. Not allowed to post ANY stuffs…not even when the show comes out I think. Which is a total cocktease haha. I’ll draw some other shit for you though.

  1. Dorian

    SHELDON! Welcome back to the fold, brother!

    I was reading Popgun on the shitter the other day and happened upon Supertron again, so it’s good to hear that you’re still alive and working. That’s a pretty sweet gig for Nickelodeon, man. Whether you do comics or not, I still wanna see your work, so best of luck with the TMNT stuff!

  2. dickstroyer

    We missed you sheldon, glad to see you’re alive. Can’t wait to see new art from you. Good luck with everything.

  3. catz

    Yo. I totally though a party animal like you could do something crazy get killed and like how would the people on the internets know? I was like: “dude just started a website and a twitter and promised he ‘Do It Right” this time”. But yeah besides the morbid stuff, I’m glad your fine–your totally like #6 on my greatest artist I’ve ever seen list. Tell the story why you semi quit comics, I wanna here how bad the industry I wanna join is. Super Hairy Manly hugs and kisses yo.

  4. Autsanaut

    Good to read from you, and that things are going swimmingly. I assume that Lemmy was so awesome the weight shit itself and disappeared overnight.

    But it’s cool to see a post as I was just thinking of deleting this from the blogroll as this new post appeared. Good timing my man, look forward to more posts!!

  5. Justin

    Oh hey, I have been wondering what happened to you! Where did you move to? By the way, I totally applied to be a story boarder for TMNT forever ago, hahaha.

  6. Trackback: lucky
  7. Malicious

    Dude! back? Rad.

    It’s been a fkn crazy year eh? Glad to hear you landed on your feet after a hicup. Why’d you quit comics btw? Besides the obvious arse raping of time for a buck fidy a book? Marvel being their new found C U Next Tuesday selves?

    You back in Australia long? If your find your self in Melbourne over the next few days shoot me an email, would be fkn rad to catch up and have a beer. I’ll tell you about my crazy year ;) Lovin it yo.

    Keeeeeep it up.

  8. Eric

    Shelly, good to hear from you mang. I’m glad your ok and all that other shit but fuckin TMNT man!? Like seriously?? Good fuckin job, you deserve it.

    Dont got your number, we need to catch up

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