Hey people of 2012! Happy fucking new year!

I figured I have posted sweet eff aye lately, so here’s some old pinups I’ve been hacking out for my “friend” over at ASHCAN-ALLSTARS. It’s your standard themed weekly sketch-blog fare, only all the artists are completely. Hard. Core. Assuming you haven’t seen them already (coz this swags pretty stale) here’s what I dropped so far, Blue Eyes from Sin City:

Some Skydoll from Fucking Skydoll:

…aaaaaand Sexy Gizmo from Gremlins:

Nathan Fox and Robbi Rodriguez basically own the show each week, while Moritat continues to embarrass himself and show his age, like an old guy pissing his pants in a corner. Fuuuunnnn. ENJOY!

– Mr.S xoxo


  1. Anonymous

    Dude, Where’s Blacksad? That was one of the most amazing pieces of fanart i’ve ever seen.

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