1. thealika

    Man, cant you do some fundraiser and make a short clip?!
    I’d pay to see this come to live… put something on kickstarter.. huh, huh!! Sheeeeldeeeeee……..

  2. Christopher Slade

    Did they ever hand back over the rights? I feel like so many of those Zuda creations are just sitting in a drawer wasting away

      • Anonymous

        Just out of curiosity: Do you have any more SUPERTRON actually drawn? Was curious how far planned or if youre still working on it (you should be)


    Why you gotta tease us like this, bro?
    Hey are you fan of Hiroyuki Imaishi? I’m kinda feeling it hear.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Best compliment ever. I’m a total Hiroyuki fanboy. That guy sushio is insane too. You know the one who did the gurren lagaan paralell stuff? Guys are nutcases.

      • SUMGUY

        I would also add the likes of Takeshi Koike (redline,trava,blah,blah) and Yutaka Nakamura to that list.
        But yeah, Imaishi is the man. I’ve seriously just about killed a whole day going through scenes his done frame by frame. He slips so much stuff in his frames that you wouldn’t even notice just watching it straight.

        What program did you use to make this on? Is it just Flash or?….

        • Mr.Sheldon

          Oh dude Redline and Trava is totally my shit. That one from the animatrix too, the guy who runs fast. Such bullshit.

          I did this when i should have been drawing turtles. Just in photoshop using layer comps to cycle through frames. Although I think that’s like using a rope ladder instead of an elevator. Same result, retarded method.

  4. Eric Blomquist

    Very gainax – love it! I’m excited for the day I could possibly purchase the graphic novel. <3

  5. Lucas

    I was following Supertron years ago on Zuda and now I’ve stumbled upon this and I am salivating over all the old images. I want an animation, I want a printed book of this shit. It’s so good. Would love to see you and James Stokoe do something together. Damnit. Fully reminds me of these sorts of amazing clips that Gainax pulls off so beautifully. http://i.imgur.com/8ZBx9B3.gif

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