Tryin my hand at some animation stuffs. I think this is on “TWO’S”. Still using photoshop though. Does anyone know a program that’s made for animation, but has the image…things that photoshop does? Blending modes and gradients and shit? Hit me up xoxo


*EDIT: It’s on FOUR’S.


  1. Neile

    I recomend this tutorial by the amazing Charles Huettner and Caleb Wood, they go over Photoshop and After Effects.

      • sumguy

        Careful now, you might get a reputation as a guy who draws tasteful things.
        Also, those other turtle drawings are awesome, man. Are they supposed to be so ‘hidden’ or am I just an idiot that can’t navigate around your blog properly?

        • Mr.Sheldon

          Other turtle drawings? Are they all like the Leo one??? If so then you’re WAY good at navigating because I haven’t even published those yet hahah.

          • sumguy

            Yeah, I just clicked the left arrow at the bottom of the first gif and they were all there.
            Hotdog! I should be a P.I with eyes this sharp.

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