How’s it going? For those interested, here are some board clips from some of the recently aired season 4 eps of TMNT on Nickelodeon. Obviously I’ve only clipped the best drawn bits, because about 1000 panels in, this shit starts to get real fuckin’ ugly. These ones are alright though.

EP #401 “Beyond the known Universe”:

I don’t know if April actually zipped her suit up like that in the show (limitations of CG know no bounds), but I remember having a lot of fun drawing that one. I remember having ZERO FUN drawing the last group scene of the second shot. Some shots like that can take anywhere up to 60 different ahwhofuckincares…

EP #404 “The Outlaw Armaggon”:

Drawing insane homicidal alien sharks in robotic armour is definitely a high point in my career. Important to note I had THIS playing the entire 6 weeks of board time.

EP #407 “The Arena of Carnage”:

It’s crazy to think that over a year has passed since I drew this, because the laziness in the drawing of the crowds seem so fresh to me, haha. Thank heaven and all it’s angels for revisionist to make up for hack frauds like me.

If you’re into this sort of thing let me know and I’ll go fishing through my old boards for some other pretty shots.


– Mr.Sheldon xoxo


  1. John IG

    Fuckin’ A man! This stuff is so juicy, love seeing your raw stuff!

    Just saw Deadpool the other day and it reminded me the only Deadpool comic I’d ever read was yours.

    -John in NL
    (currently in the process of selling out xD)

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Haha what’s up, JG?? Selling out isn’t so bad. You’ll be able to afford things like car insurance and food, and you can always get your street cred card back when you get fired. What are you working on?

      And that comic represents my true sell-out point. Keep it safe. It’ll be worth double it’s value in about five thousand years. Was the movie any good? I couldn’t get through the trailer, I got douche-chills so hard I disloacted my spine.

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