“ARMED PHILOSOPHERS #1: The Squalling Swallow Strike.”

In many ways, this was my first REAL ATTEMPT at a comic. The script, characters and everything was conceived literally, DECADES ago by my good mate Jed Mckay. Ever since it’s completion, Jed and I have penned volumes worth of ideas for books and concepts, sadly only a fraction have seen the light of day, but the ones that did were enormous fun to make. This was our first effort. I think this comic saw 2 Christmasses (christmassee? christmasie?…), 2 break ups, about 8 day jobs and 2 international re-locations between the both of us. Fucking insanity. Enjoy!


  1. Garth-ee-zor

    dude. i love the shit out of this. all your art is phenominal (im now planning on locking my art stuff away in shame, and throwing the safe into the sea lol)

    good job Mr Sheldon! glad your reping the Aussies overseas!

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