“ARMED PHILOSOPHERS #2: The Siamese Repossession.”

The second installment in the ARMED PHILOSOPHER franchise. At this point, Jed and I were adamant about pitching AP to image or whoever else would print it so we could do something with our lives. Joe “Ploppy Pants” Keatinge (my one contact at image) would eventually pass on it, seeing as these pages are barely legible, and basically give me the crack on the head I needed in order to improve myself as an artist. In the meantime, Jed, up until this point, had basically taught me everything I know about writing, so if I can take anything from these pages, it’s that collaboration is sometimes the easiest and most enjoyable way to get comics done, and get into comics professionally. Yeah. That sounds clever.

I notice now I misspelt “Repossession” on the second page. I think I just misspelt “misspelt” too…hm.

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