IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED, DO NOT CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW. You’ve been warned, dammit! This is my first foray into porn, and it was AWESOME. Blazing Fantasy is currently looking for a home as far as publishing goes, but here’s the first ten pages of what could well end up being a series of naughty graphic novels.


  1. Nick

    This is nuts. So this is the “porno” comic I kept hearing about? Absolutely ridiculous, keep it rolling!

  2. alecueous

    That. Was. AWESOME. All the little details are mesmerizing. Oh, and the vaginas. Also mesmerizing.

  3. Tom Gregory

    Awesome illustrations! I remember some of your work being in Penthouse when I worked there.
    I see you’re working with Tom Guise on this project, if you speak with him soon ask him to contact Tom Gregory, I’d liked to catch up for a drink.

  4. AlikA

    Dude! you have the most amazing artwork in the world…
    Insane to you jump to all different styles and “stories”!

    p.s. I wonder how many little Dicks an V’s are embedded in your art…

  5. Indeliblefunk

    So GOOD MAN!!! Keep up the Awesome work! Cant wait to see what happens next. Your vivid color palette is fascinating man. Don’t stop get it! get it!

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