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Saturday, the entrance to Q-Pop was cluttered with goons watching cock monsters shoot green shit onto Devilman’s face, and a giant Mazinger head surveyed them through the window…silent….and sentient.┬áSome people were kind enough to let me hog some pink wall space with a piece and I was more than happy to supply. Here’s what I came up with.



That’s Sayaka in the upside-down crucifix scene from Mazinkaiser. Seeing as I spend all waking moments on a cintiq nowadays, I made a point to do this the old way: ALL ANALOG. Screentones and everything! “Shiiiiiet” is RIGHT. There were a lot of other pieces in the show of insanely high quality, but you can click here to check them out (and buy them)…coz this is my blog dammit.

Thanks to Q-Pop and my TMNT peeps for gettin me in in the first place!

-sheldon xoxo