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Saturday, the entrance to Q-Pop was cluttered with goons watching cock monsters shoot green shit onto Devilman’s face, and a giant Mazinger head surveyed them through the window…silent….and sentient. Some people were kind enough to let me hog some pink wall space with a piece and I was more than happy to supply. Here’s what I came up with.



That’s Sayaka in the upside-down crucifix scene from Mazinkaiser. Seeing as I spend all waking moments on a cintiq nowadays, I made a point to do this the old way: ALL ANALOG. Screentones and everything! “Shiiiiiet” is RIGHT. There were a lot of other pieces in the show of insanely high quality, but you can click here to check them out (and buy them)…coz this is my blog dammit.

Thanks to Q-Pop and my TMNT peeps for gettin me in in the first place!

-sheldon xoxo


Everybody. I hope you’re as happy to hear from me, as I am to finally be talking to you. So…where to start? Probably an apology huh? Yeah let’s start there.

You people who would mail/tweet/msg/call me only to have your correspondence ignored, PLEASE accept my apologies, and I beg your forgiveness. You know who you are, and some of you are pretty fucking important. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

We square? We cool? Of course we are.

So what’s next? Oh yeah, “…WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, SHELDONNNNN?!?!?”

I could spill a very boring novel on everything  that has happened in the last…12 months, but who wants to read that shit? Life got bad, then life got good again, it happens to us all, round and round, love will find a way just give it time. I needed all the time and concentration to take care of some shit, and living off the grid cut down on a lot of distractions. All that really needs to be said is the good shit. So let’s get some dot point’s up in this bitch!

1. I MOVED BACK TO AUS: Got fat.

2. I QUIT COMICS: Kinda…sorta…not really.

3. MET LEMMY: speechless.

4. LOST WEIGHT: I lost weight.

5. GOT ANOTHER JOB: Storyboard artist for TMNT.

6. MOVED BACK TO USA: Got drunk.

7. GOT AN APARTMENT: a couch, a tv, and a SSN, bitchezzzzzz.

8. SAW DANZIG: Needed crutches for 2 weeks.

9. SHOT GUNS: Learned what it’s like having two dicks.



11. BACK TO AUS: To say hi for christmas and get my motorhead poster.

And in a nutshell, that’s about it. I’m still sort of adjusting to the fact that my whole life got reinvented in the last 3 months, but this shit is fuckin’ wild. I’m living and working in a world now that only existed in my head when I was 8. It’s strange, it’s surreal, but I love it. I’ll still be arting/comicing/ranting whenever I can, but for now, I’m gonna eat some left over bbq and steal my dad’s car.

All my love to all my loves,

– Mr.Sheldon xoxo


Together again…

What feels like a lifetime is more like 3 years since Jed and I collaborated together as WHAM F.P. But the drought has been broken by an ELECTRIC TSUNAMI, as we were honoured with an invitation to submit a short story to the now released X-men: To Serve and Protect series, Issue #4. It’s in stores today.

Probably the best thing I've ever drawn.

Jed was INVALUABLE in this project, since I know the same about mainstream superheroes past and present, as I do what it takes to please a lady. NOT VERY MUCH. I basically told Jed the kind of story I wanted to do, and then he set the sky on fire. Our Editor Nick was also a huge help. A couple of things got edited out/down, but the essence still remains. Check out the high-res coloured pages here.

In other news, you may have noticed something missing from the comics section. It’s all good though, he’ll be coming back in one incarnation or another.

He always does.



Thanks to the friend I never knew I had, Skottie YoungSUPERTRON is now available in CBZ and PDF incarnations, gratis.  Find your preferred format here for your downloading pleasure.

Now by making these files available to you all, what I’m doing is sorta-kinda-notreally-absolutely infringing on DC’s Digital Distribution Rights on a title that cost them $30k and probably netted around fifty bucks in sales. So if the file gets taken down in the next week or so, or I stop posting completely, you know why. AMENDMENT: I totally got a smack on the head for this. The PDF and CBZ are no longer available. SORRY!

Skottie Young: Eisner Award Winner, beta-tester and international saboteur.

If you guys like this pdf/cbz thing, let me know what other comics you’d like to see get the same treatment. Also, look what THIS crazy mofo did:

Unlike all of YOU pussies, Clayton here is a REAL fan of my work.

That’s a laptop by the way. How he did that, I have no idea. Because if I DID, then THIS is what people would see me working behind on the trains and airports and pre-school car parks I frequent.

EDIT:// Ok turns out he used a site called GELASKINS. So if anyone else wanted SUPERTRON merch and skins, why don’t you head down there and do it yourself! Just be sure to send me pictures when you do! That shit is AWESOME.

DEADPOOL #32 seemed to go over pretty well with the masses, (seen here, here, here, and here) but of course, you can never please them all (can we?). But hey, if people are reading it, and talking about it, good or bad, then I am fucking ecstatic. Working with Daniel on my first MARVEL issue was nothing short of a milestone for me, and nothing can take that away. My “agent” even displayed it as his pick of the week (which is normally just a picture of his own arse) at his local shop! Although he did mention, and I quote:

"The only reason I put this here is because Sean Gordon Murphy's book sold out before I could get it on the shelf."

Thanks, Arsehole! If any of you are lucky enough to have some disposable cash, and buying original comic art is your thing, then the few remaining cool original pages of Deadpool #32, as well as the now dirt cheap Supertron pages, can be perused and bought at your leisure, here.

OH, and one last thing. Tata for now! xoxo

Breaking into Comics & Aluisio Cervelle Santos

A person, who insisted on remaining anonymous, emailed me about an interview on how to break into comics. It all seemed very mysterious and exciting, and I can never pass up an opportunity to talk about myself. I can tell now he/she doesn’t know me very well because I’m described as “…possibly the nicest man alive”. Hmmm.

Anyways, I christened the blog with my cheeky rambles and it’s up here for your reading pleasure. The blog is called Comicz Quest: A quest to find how to break into the world of comics. And I think it’s a pretty fucking good idea for a blog. If anyone out there has their own tactics and stories, hit this mystery person up and talk some shit.

I sure hope it’s a lady. I sure hope it’s ROSARIA DAWSON! Oh man that’d be EPIC.

Titties aside, I need to speak briefly about a young man who is destined to set fire to everything he touches. He is only the most energetic and fearsome  artist in brazil today, he’s my mate, and his name is Aluisio Cervelle Santos.

Zsabreuser, to you, I spotted Al through his frenetic and insanely detailed work on VOID a few years back. Since then, he has supplied numerous magazines with editorial illustrations, competed and won the July 2009 Zuda competition with his rock and roll epic ROCKSTAR, provided alternative covers for Kill Audio Volume 1, and has assisted and saved my ass from unemployment countless times.

The guy simply DOES NOT. FUCK. AROUND. Every piece he creates lifts right off the page and strikes a killing blow to the senses every time. The fact that he cites me as an influence is a joke, seeing as his stuff runs circles around mine any day. He even helped me out massively by talking me through his colouring process, which I didn’t really follow, but did end up unlocking a lot of hidden doors in my mind that helped me colour quicker, and totally ruin the deadpool issue.

If you appreciate dynamic characters, explosive composition and heavy metal incarnate, you’ll follow this guy to mars and back. Please do.


Haha, not even a month into it and already I’m neglecting this bloody thing. BUT it is not without good reason, kind reader. I have been deep inside Lady Comics last we spoke, tickling her fancies and milking panel after panel of sticky, moist sequential sex out of her.

Haha gross.


But seriously, it’s been both a productive and educational triplet of weeks.  The biggest news I guess is the fact that my debut Marvel effort DEADPOOL #32, written by the ever talented Daniel Way, edited by the benevolent Jody Leheup, and art by me, me, ME goes on sale January 26th! So please check it out and let me know exactly what you think. If you told me three years ago I’d be drawing a Deadpool Issue, I’d tell you you were a filthy fucking LIAR. But, here we are.

I’m really excited, nervous and terrified to see what the mainstream audience thinks of it, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty effin stoked with how it turned out. There’s a preview up over at CBR here, but I’ve included some better quality colour previews for your pleasure. Page 3 actually features the unedited sound effect from panel 2 that sounded too much like the male ejaculate. Jody and I had some fun discussing alternatives for that one haha.


And as an extra treat, I thought I’d share the magical process of creation behind these pages. I haven’t had to draw thumbnails for a long LONG time, but as you can see, I do the bastards digitally, because I am a digital queen and have NO BALLS.

And speaking of new content…what’s this?

“Oh Hi”, indeed! My goodness how mysterious. All will be revealed eventually, I just don’t know when. Hush now…hush. All I can say is it won’t be what you’re expecting.

In news I can talk about, the boys over at (i think their site is having a couple of issues currently) were kind enough to ask me to provide the cover to the third of their black as death comic anthology: GOTHOLOGY. Here’s what I came up with.

The creators behind DAPSHOW, and their number of anthologies are Justin King, and John…Something. I’ve known these kids long enough to call them brothers, and seeing them evolve from their humble beginnings on VOID into full fledged comic anthology editors brings me intense joy. The anthology itself in my opinion is a great success. They explore the gothic sub-culture through all lenses, from light-hearted and meaningfully-deep, to downright parody and nonsense. Which I find awesome. Because I think you’re more likely to take a topic seriously if it is the first to make fun of itself. I’m going to do my damndest to get an entry into them, and you should too. Check out this for submission details.

In other news, I recently had a VICIOUS spike in views on this blog, and it turns out none other than WARREN ELLIS plugged me on his site. I was pretty fucking humbled by this. However, Brandon Graham’s Livejournal is still my top referrer. BY A MIGHTY STRETCH. In fact, that’s how Warren, my Marvel editors, and a slew of other people have found my work. Through Brandon “Brrrrrrraaaaannnnndonnnnn” Graham’s fucking Livejournal. The guy is love, and I owe him. If you are unfamiliar with him, THEN FAMILIARIZE, BITCH!!

I realise I’ve been listening to Out in the Cold for 3 hours straight now, and these comics aren’t going to draw themselves, DAMMIT! So it’s time to say goodbye, but don’t be sad, it’s only a word. Until next time!! xoxo


After roughly a month of dieting from the internet, making my way back to Aus, completing my full 22 page Marvel debut, and thoroughly RAPING a wordpress theme, Mr.Sheldon has a proper home on the internet! BLUH-ZAH! How long will it last you say? A year? 4 months? A week? All could be correct, but I implore you, check back here often enough, and I might find a reason to keep this thing CURRENT.

One thing I should point out, a lot of the things that might be appearing on here will be a little blue, and I don’t mean “black guy with a cheating wife and rusty guitar” blue, more like “naked chick taking photos of her box and eating spaghetti” blue. So please, browse with caution.

To kick things off, I’ve uploaded pretty much every comic page I’ve ever drawn. Yeh I know, I thought there would have been more too, but it’s all there, including ALL that exists of Supertron, the entire UNEDITED first ish of Kill Audio, and the first 10 pages of my new project, Blazing Fantasy.  Check ’em out, read ’em up, tell your mum, and let me know what she thinks of it.

And for now, no apparent reason, here’s some muppets.