Boom! Studios: CBGB Anthology: “OOZY SUZI-Q TIP!”

My entry for the CBGB Anthology from Boom! Studios. Originally, I wanted to make this look like it was drawn on school note paper, with the blue lines and margins and shit. Great idea, not too great execution (see last page test)….and then I found out my page rate would drop if I didn’t colour it haha. EFF THAT ESS, SAID I! Because after all, I am all about the money. Seriously. I am. Please Enjoy xoxo


  1. sbmcmull

    I loved the whole CBGB Anthology, but I keep rereading Suzi-Q Tip over and over again… the colours, the gross visuals, but especially Suzi! I think you’ve stumbled upon an everygirl for the ages, dude!

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