Boom! Studios / Evil Ink: “KILL AUDIO #3”

Kill Audio number THREE. Written by Claudio and Condra Sanchez, art by me. A huge thanks go to my buddy Dan “BatDan” Dieckmann for his squire like assisstance on inks, as well as Elio for his…contributions. //BORING STORY// I was actually crashing at Dan’s house in Chicago, and horribly behind schedule (all my doing) and we spent many nights hunched like gargoyles over pages in his living room, while his wife Robin did odd jobs most men I know could never handle. I had bought tickets to go see Motorhead at the house of Blues, but when it came down to it, the pages took precedence. Life lived, Lesson thoroughly learned. //END BORING STORY// Get more Kill Audio news here.


  1. Giggle-and-splooge

    I really like the last page with your pencils and the using of rectangles to know where to put the characters.

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