BLAZING FANTASY: Chapter Posters

So a while ago, we made a comic called “Blazing Fantasy”. It took a long time, A LOT of hours, and a lot of individual talents to make it work. It took Norman Guerre (photographer/creator), Tom Guise (writer/creator), Niki (Makeup), Loretta (model) and myself to get these 10 pages out, and I can only hope we get the opportunity to make more some day.

Anyways, the story was outlined for another 10 or 12 chapters, and we had posters planned plugging each one, like Chapter breaks. Here’s the first 2.

POSTER_01_final POSTER_02_final


I really should finish the rest.


– Mr.S xoxo


Saturday, the entrance to Q-Pop was cluttered with goons watching cock monsters shoot green shit onto Devilman’s face, and a giant Mazinger head surveyed them through the window…silent….and sentient.¬†Some people were kind enough to let me hog some pink wall space with a piece and I was more than happy to supply. Here’s what I came up with.



That’s Sayaka in the upside-down crucifix scene from Mazinkaiser. Seeing as I spend all waking moments on a cintiq nowadays, I made a point to do this the old way: ALL ANALOG. Screentones and everything! “Shiiiiiet” is RIGHT. There were a lot of other pieces in the show of insanely high quality, but you can click here to check them out (and buy them)…coz this is my blog dammit.

Thanks to Q-Pop and my TMNT peeps for gettin me in in the first place!

-sheldon xoxo