Supertron booty call…

So I’m working late, I took a break, and drew these guys.


I think I miss drawing them. It’d be fun to do something with them when I get the rights back sometime late next year. It might even be 2015, not sure.

Hey, let me ask a hypothetical question, and I stress HYPOTHETICAL, but humour me: If Supertron was ever to see print, would you want to read it in a regular comic book format, or would it be better in the landscape layout?

Because I’m torn. It started as the former, then conformed to the latter, but what should it be in print? By all logic I guess I should lay it out in a vinyl sized circle only to be read on turn tables and microwave plates, reading only made possible by mechanically aided spinning. Who knows? And really with my day job/freelance commitments who cares?

Either way, hell or high water, an artist should finish everything they start. Even if it sucks. And while Supertron didn’t suck TOO badly, I should make the time to finish them off and put them to bed. Lest they become my “coulda been, never was.”

Man I’m bummed the Kings lost tonight.



Hey people of 2012! Happy fucking new year!

I figured I have posted sweet eff aye lately, so here’s some old pinups I’ve been hacking out for my “friend” over at ASHCAN-ALLSTARS. It’s your standard themed weekly sketch-blog fare, only all the artists are completely. Hard. Core. Assuming you haven’t seen them already (coz this swags pretty stale) here’s what I dropped so far, Blue Eyes from Sin City:

Some Skydoll from Fucking Skydoll:

…aaaaaand Sexy Gizmo from Gremlins:

Nathan Fox and Robbi Rodriguez basically own the show each week, while Moritat continues to embarrass himself and show his age, like an old guy pissing his pants in a corner. Fuuuunnnn. ENJOY!

– Mr.S xoxo


Everybody. I hope you’re as happy to hear from me, as I am to finally be talking to you. So…where to start? Probably an apology huh? Yeah let’s start there.

You people who would mail/tweet/msg/call me only to have your correspondence ignored, PLEASE accept my apologies, and I beg your forgiveness. You know who you are, and some of you are pretty fucking important. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

We square? We cool? Of course we are.

So what’s next? Oh yeah, “…WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, SHELDONNNNN?!?!?”

I could spill a very boring novel on everything  that has happened in the last…12 months, but who wants to read that shit? Life got bad, then life got good again, it happens to us all, round and round, love will find a way just give it time. I needed all the time and concentration to take care of some shit, and living off the grid cut down on a lot of distractions. All that really needs to be said is the good shit. So let’s get some dot point’s up in this bitch!

1. I MOVED BACK TO AUS: Got fat.

2. I QUIT COMICS: Kinda…sorta…not really.

3. MET LEMMY: speechless.

4. LOST WEIGHT: I lost weight.

5. GOT ANOTHER JOB: Storyboard artist for TMNT.

6. MOVED BACK TO USA: Got drunk.

7. GOT AN APARTMENT: a couch, a tv, and a SSN, bitchezzzzzz.

8. SAW DANZIG: Needed crutches for 2 weeks.

9. SHOT GUNS: Learned what it’s like having two dicks.



11. BACK TO AUS: To say hi for christmas and get my motorhead poster.

And in a nutshell, that’s about it. I’m still sort of adjusting to the fact that my whole life got reinvented in the last 3 months, but this shit is fuckin’ wild. I’m living and working in a world now that only existed in my head when I was 8. It’s strange, it’s surreal, but I love it. I’ll still be arting/comicing/ranting whenever I can, but for now, I’m gonna eat some left over bbq and steal my dad’s car.

All my love to all my loves,

– Mr.Sheldon xoxo