“RENEGADES!: Ship-rock!”

As THIS surfaced, and Jed and I were still very optimistic about getting ARMED PHILOSOPHERS printed SOMEWHERE, all signs pointed to having the name changed. We literally had to reinvent the wheel, seeing as we were both so attached and content with A.P., nothing else seemed to have the right ring to it. After literally a hundred different name changes, Kevin Birtcher (founder of VOID) casually suggested RENEGADES!, and the clouds, they did part. Here’s the first three pages of the incomplete first script. When this will be done, who bloody knows, point is, it’s neglected, but not forgotten.


  1. Giggle-and-splooge

    Man this whole blog is rad. Ball’z fucking rad.
    Do you think you could give tell me a bit or give me a few tip’s on how you pick and do your colour schemes on your comics???

    • Mr.Sheldon

      You steal.

      Steal, steal, and steal some more. haha. Colours are never my strongpoint, as in they don’t come very naturally to me. So I’d feel rather foolish telling others how to do it. Knowing the basics of a colour wheel helps, contrasting colours and all of that, but I’m just beginning to study the values of colour, and learning to build a coherent image out of black and white before colour touches it. But in the meantime, just go to colourlovers.com or something haha. Sorry I’m not that great a help!

  2. Giggle-and-splooge

    Sigh………….you leave me no choice but to use the eye dropper tool to steal yours.
    haha but thanks anyway man.

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