Drawn for Joe “Ant #8” Keatinge’s Eisner Award winning anthology series, POPGUN. POPGUN #2 didn’t win the Eisner though, probably because this was in it haha. Jimmy Stokoe helped me a lot with ending, and Brandon Graham helped me out with that bad xmas tree puns. Drawn on their floor in Seattle in 2007.


  1. Julio

    This is one hell of a short. Love your pencils man. This is some top of the line s**t right here. Those people over at Eisner committee must have been blind, deaf, and dumb for not nominating these hilarious story

  2. Nick

    Hahaha this is a classic. Love the quick Tooth Fair cameo, she looks like she would be sexy. Awesome characters. Deserves another round.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      haha thanks man. This is an OLD bit of work too. Panels that took me days to draw, I’d probably knock out in an hour now haha.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Thanks Teuvo! Glad you dig it, brother! These pages were drawn a LOOONG time ago, back when I couldn’t draw too fast. And the first spread would have easily taken me 2 or 3 days to draw and colour. Maybe even a little longer. But, the more you do the faster you get. That’s how it goes!

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