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After roughly a month of dieting from the internet, making my way back to Aus, completing my full 22 page Marvel debut, and thoroughly RAPING a wordpress theme, Mr.Sheldon has a proper home on the internet! BLUH-ZAH! How long will it last you say? A year? 4 months? A week? All could be correct, but I implore you, check back here often enough, and I might find a reason to keep this thing CURRENT.

One thing I should point out, a lot of the things that might be appearing on here will be a little blue, and I don’t mean “black guy with a cheating wife and rusty guitar” blue, more like “naked chick taking photos of her box and eating spaghetti” blue. So please, browse with caution.

To kick things off, I’ve uploaded pretty much every comic page I’ve ever drawn. Yeh I know, I thought there would have been more too, but it’s all there, including ALL that exists of Supertron, the entire UNEDITED first ish of Kill Audio, and the first 10 pages of my new project, Blazing Fantasy. ┬áCheck ’em out, read ’em up, tell your mum, and let me know what she thinks of it.

And for now, no apparent reason, here’s some muppets.