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Supertron booty call…

So I’m working late, I took a break, and drew these guys.


I think I miss drawing them. It’d be fun to do something with them when I get the rights back sometime late next year. It might even be 2015, not sure.

Hey, let me ask a hypothetical question, and I stress HYPOTHETICAL, but humour me: If Supertron was ever to see print, would you want to read it in a regular comic book format, or would it be better in the landscape layout?

Because I’m torn. It started as the former, then conformed to the latter, but what should it be in print? By all logic I guess I should lay it out in a vinyl sized circle only to be read on turn tables and microwave plates, reading only made possible by mechanically aided spinning. Who knows? And really with my day job/freelance commitments who cares?

Either way, hell or high water, an artist should finish everything they start. Even if it sucks. And while Supertron didn’t suck TOO badly, I should make the time to finish them off and put them to bed. Lest they become my “coulda been, never was.”

Man I’m bummed the Kings lost tonight.



Thanks to the friend I never knew I had, Skottie YoungSUPERTRON is now available in CBZ and PDF incarnations, gratis.  Find your preferred format here for your downloading pleasure.

Now by making these files available to you all, what I’m doing is sorta-kinda-notreally-absolutely infringing on DC’s Digital Distribution Rights on a title that cost them $30k and probably netted around fifty bucks in sales. So if the file gets taken down in the next week or so, or I stop posting completely, you know why. AMENDMENT: I totally got a smack on the head for this. The PDF and CBZ are no longer available. SORRY!

Skottie Young: Eisner Award Winner, beta-tester and international saboteur.

If you guys like this pdf/cbz thing, let me know what other comics you’d like to see get the same treatment. Also, look what THIS crazy mofo did:

Unlike all of YOU pussies, Clayton here is a REAL fan of my work.

That’s a laptop by the way. How he did that, I have no idea. Because if I DID, then THIS is what people would see me working behind on the trains and airports and pre-school car parks I frequent.

EDIT:// Ok turns out he used a site called GELASKINS. So if anyone else wanted SUPERTRON merch and skins, why don’t you head down there and do it yourself! Just be sure to send me pictures when you do! That shit is AWESOME.

DEADPOOL #32 seemed to go over pretty well with the masses, (seen here, here, here, and here) but of course, you can never please them all (can we?). But hey, if people are reading it, and talking about it, good or bad, then I am fucking ecstatic. Working with Daniel on my first MARVEL issue was nothing short of a milestone for me, and nothing can take that away. My “agent” even displayed it as his pick of the week (which is normally just a picture of his own arse) at his local shop! Although he did mention, and I quote:

"The only reason I put this here is because Sean Gordon Murphy's book sold out before I could get it on the shelf."

Thanks, Arsehole! If any of you are lucky enough to have some disposable cash, and buying original comic art is your thing, then the few remaining cool original pages of Deadpool #32, as well as the now dirt cheap Supertron pages, can be perused and bought at your leisure, here.

OH, and one last thing. Tata for now! xoxo