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Together again…

What feels like a lifetime is more like 3 years since Jed and I collaborated together as WHAM F.P. But the drought has been broken by an ELECTRIC TSUNAMI, as we were honoured with an invitation to submit a short story to the now released X-men: To Serve and Protect series, Issue #4. It’s in stores today.

Probably the best thing I've ever drawn.

Jed was INVALUABLE in this project, since I know the same about mainstream superheroes past and present, as I do what it takes to please a lady. NOT VERY MUCH. I basically told Jed the kind of story I wanted to do, and then he set the sky on fire. Our Editor Nick was also a huge help. A couple of things got edited out/down, but the essence still remains. Check out the high-res coloured pages here.

In other news, you may have noticed something missing from the comics section. It’s all good though, he’ll be coming back in one incarnation or another.

He always does.