Marvel: X-men: To Serve and Protect #4 “DISCO HIGHWAY”

Words by Jed, Art by Sheldon. WHAM F.P. Makin’ comics with the freak freak…


  1. Owen Schumacher

    WOW. I love everything about this. Who came up with the roller derby death race concept? Perfect premise, stunning art, fun characters, amazing colors. SO FUN! Like a comic should be. (In my opinion.)

    Sheldon, you gotta somehow be a part of Eastman’s new Heavy Metal project. SOMEHOW! It’s gonna need a kick-ass story like this.

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Glad you liked it, Owen! And I agree, COMICS SHOULD BE FUN, or else what’s the point, yeah?

      And I’ve been meaning to submit something to HM for years. I just never have the damn time! One day, one day…

  2. Jacob

    Love how all the panels look so animated.
    Great colors, I thought you mostly did monotones from supertron/killaudio, how wrong i wuz

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Thanks man! Yeah, colour is my weakness for sure. Still trying to get my head around it, can’t use the moody monotone shit as a crutch anymore haha.

  3. mmmmmike

    dope as always:) how DC didn’t immediately greenlight you for a LOBO mini when you were working with zuboogers is beyond me.

  4. Hiemie

    Seriously? Cyclone, Awesome Andy, Glob Herman?

    I really laughed at Glob Herman. No one knows who the fuck he is.

  5. Rock

    This is so awesome, I recognize Dazzler, MODOK and … Is that marvell? Who are the roller derby chicks?

    • Mr.Sheldon

      Thanks Rock! Her security guards a re none other than Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. I gave them a bit of a costume change for this story. I should do a role-call…

  6. Phil

    This was absolutely the comics highlight of the week for me, a blast from start to finish.

      • Giggle-and-splooge

        And i mean this in the most flattering way possible.
        There’s something about this particular comic that look’s so “french”.

        • Mr.Sheldon

          haha that is VERY flattering of you to say. It’s been said a couple of times, but to be compared to the men and women who kinda rule the world at comics, it’s always a flattering gesture.

  7. Gene

    Wow this is really neat, I just love your work good sir. I have a question, are the words below the newspaper picture from 96′, the lyrics from “Staying alive”?

    • Mr.Sheldon


      Yes, they are the lyrics you speak of. Because the BEE GEES are a level of class I can only dream to reach one day. Haha you made my day, Gene.


    what a great comic, XD great variety of shots, and the character designs are really fun

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