For what feels like the first time in a year, I finished something that isn’t a ninja turtle doing something violent to a robot. But before this turns into an incredible sulk about having a job, check out this eyeball I drew:


Here’s another couple of versions. I really wish I studied traditional animation in school, but I guess I’ll just rip off Chung, and Koike and Imaishi until I get something that looks good.


– Mr.S xoxo


    • Mr.Sheldon

      Thx dude. I did them in photoshop, i can never get the vector lines in flash to look good. Photoshop has some pretty good video implementation since cs6, but I hear TvPaint is just as good.


      • Anonymous

        I’m with you, every time I’ve tried using flash it always comes out looking like dirt. I’m always flawed when I see people who can make stuff look good on it.

  1. Bellhop

    Definitely feeling that Chung/Koike vibe, but still very much in your style. Kudos brother, very dope.

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